Top Home Inspection Companies in Spokane

Top Home Inspection Companies in Spokane

Choosing a reliable home inspection company is vital for homeowners and homebuyers seeking peace of mind. Spokane boasts several top-tier home inspection companies, each with unique strengths and specializations. This article provides an overview of the leading home inspection services available in Spokane, based on verified recommendations and certifications.

Highly Recommended Inspection Services

Golden Star Home Inspections is one of the most reputable companies in Spokane, often recommended by realtors on platforms like Reddit. Their excellent service ensures clients receive comprehensive inspections. Similarly, Pillar to Post Home Inspections is known for their quick service and reasonable pricing, making them a favorite among both homebuyers and sellers.

Grounded Home Inspection is another highly recommended service, particularly favored for its radon testing and swift report delivery. The company’s inspector has personally endorsed their service on Reddit, adding to its credibility. Additionally, Jaymz Turner Home Inspections stands out due to Jaymz Turner’s extensive construction experience and ability to schedule inspections quickly, ensuring a thorough and timely completion.

Certified and Accredited Inspection Services

HomeQuest Inspection LLC and Washington Home Inspection are both certified by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). HomeQuest’s inspector, Todd Clark, meets rigorous industry standards, while Washington Home Inspection’s Gregg Morin is also listed in the NACHI directory, affirming their commitment to quality inspections.

Building TechNW, led by George Anderson, has earned positive reviews for handling complex home inspections with expertise, making them an excellent choice for challenging projects. Top to Bottom Spokane is another trusted name in the field, known for high-quality, honest, and trustworthy work. Meanwhile, Roofing & Restoration Services of America, a BBB-accredited family-owned business, offers a range of services including roofing and inspections, renowned for their honesty and reliability.

Lastly, Upper Edge Roofing LLC is praised for professionalism and quality in both roofing and home inspections, providing versatile options for clients with diverse needs. The combined strengths and specialties of these top companies enable Spokane residents to make informed decisions when selecting a home inspection service, ensuring thorough and reliable evaluations of their properties.